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  1. Nick,

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 was released and a new IE Add-on site. http://www.betanews.com/article/Interne ... 1145950438

    "Microsoft has rolled out a new add-on site to go along with Beta 2, which is located at ieaddons.com. Cobb told BetaNews the previous offering was "not a good way to promote our partners," and says the new site sports a simpler user interface and categories organized with tabs."

    I did a quick search for Super but didn't find any of your programs listed there :cry: . Looks like an opportunity but I don't know about such things.



  2. Nic,the above was me.

    The way I did it was:

    SAS Main Menu>Check for Definition Updates. They did update. Then I went to Preferences and in the ControlCenter>General and Startup>Check For Updates Now. I believe the defs were downloaded again because it took about the same amount of time and then the systray pop that says No Update available , click here to close.

    This happened again (2885 to 2894). I just wanted to double check. It seems that if done like this, the Check For Updates Now button does not check for def updates because they were just downloaded and downloads the definitions again.


  3. Last Topic without a post so i figured I'd start an easy one.

    What the heck is a RootKit? Please answer with one sentence. That way I have a chance of getting it!

    All I know is that Sony may have given us one and that could be real bad. How bad? :roll:

  4. In Scanner Options, if I have System Restore disabled, is it correct to have this option unchecked or does it matter?

    From the Help, I understand that SAS will detect and remove objects from within System Restore. That is good news because I have noticed that it is not uncommon for people getting help in removing spyware to be asked to turn off System Restore at some point in the process. Instructions then follow how to do it. I just wonder how many people neglect to turn it back on.

    Do any other antispyware scanners have this option to scan System Restore? I can't think of any off the top of my head. Also, could you please explain what Volume Information is or is it the same as System Restore?

  5. During installation the Setup Wizard gives an option to Send a diagnostic report to the research center. It is explained in Help as - "Submitting a diagnostic report, which contains no personal information, helps our researches identify new forms of spyware and variants of existing spyware quickly. Our researchers can then update our detection rules and definitions to detect and remove the threat."

    Is this a one time submission or is a report sent each time SAS detects something? I don't remember what my choice was. If the reports are ongoing submissions, how would I change this option if desired after the installation?

  6. Hi Nick,

    Prior to version 3.1.1010, the update button on the Main Menu was strictly for definitions and the update button on Control Center was for the program itself. This is way too difficult for me.:lol: Is it possible to have one button to update everything in one shot? I'm not sure if this is the same for 1010.

    In version 3.1.1010 things appear to be the same as far as manually updating goes. It has nice additional options for auto updating but I don't use them.

    Main Menu has definition info listed but not program version. Again it is way too difficult for me to open preferences to find the Program version number in the help tab. Could it be possible to have all program info and one update button next to it on the first window that is opened from the Start Menu?

    Is it also possible to have "What's running on your computer" available from Main menu or Control Center because I don't have the SAS icon in the systray. Whats running is an extremely handy little feature! The update from the system tray menu appears to only update program and not the defs according to the Help.

    Keep up the good work! It's good that SAS has it's own forum.

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