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  1. Looks very nice indeed. If possible I like to see two more things: a Favicon RSS feed Gerard
  2. See also post #4 here: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showpost ... ostcount=4 Gerard
  3. Hi, You are asking this question in the right Forum: Off Topic Gerard
  4. I am glad you sorted it out and now enjoy SAS. Gerard
  5. That is not normal, you should activate once only. Did you try the online activation? Gerard
  6. Hi, Go to the main menu, choose preferences and then Help tab. Left below you see the option of transferring your license. Gerard
  7. If I uncheck RTP but check FCP, is that working? Gerard
  8. Free version to be updated manual only. See the full comparison between paid and free version here: https://www.superantispyware.com/superan ... vspro.html Gerard
  9. Hello, Would it be possible to create a Linux based self-starting rescue disk with SAS on it? TIA, Gerard
  10. There is no SUPERAdBlocker Forum (yet) A trial version can be downloaded here: http://www.superadblocker.com/download.html SAB includes SAS personal but you can disable that option. According to what I have read in this Forum there will be a SAB version in the future which does not include SAS Personal. Gerard
  11. Thanks Nick for prompt answer and good news. Gerard
  12. Is SAS Pro able to prevent this kit, maybe by First Chance Prevention? Thanks, Gerard
  13. My guess is that there are lots of user who don't use 7zip so that might be asking for trouble and a lot of postings here. Personally it is no trouble for me. Cheers, Gerard
  14. It's a pre-release version, they don't check for updates as the main update server will be turned on after final release. If you like to test the latest version do check this site regularly Gerard
  15. I think you are referring to my post at Wilders I said my best guess: one week. Well it wasn't a good guess, sometimes happens in life. But please know that when version 4 comes out it will be a good one and it will be only released when it is completed. Gerard
  16. Thaks guys, solved Gerard
  17. Well I saw this ctfmon.exe when clicking on the + for SUPERAntiSpyware.exe in Process Explorer. I haven't installed officeXP and I don't think you just can uncheck ctfmon.exe in msconfig or something alike. Gerard
  18. It seems SAS is using/loading ctfmon.exe. Is that correct and if so what is it doing. Gerard
  19. No settings in Comodo to control that? Sorry, I don't know Comodo, but others will jump in I hope. Best, Gerard
  20. How many times do you boot up that box per day? And no, those 6 seconds aren't strange to me. Use those 6 seconds to say to your partner or dog or cat etc: I still love you as much as I met you the first day. Hmm took me 24 seconds to write and send this message. Regards, Gerard
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