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  1. The post above is exacty what you should do - you are running a product that is almost a year old, you need to update to our latest version.
  2. As far as scanning settings, those are really "user" based settings as each user may desire different settings. As far as definition updates, those will be for all users in version 5.0.
  3. Our upcoming Enterprise version can run as a local user, the consumer versions don't have that ability.
  4. Willber - What is your CSR # so I can follow-up to see why there was a delay. What number version of SUPERAntiSpyware are you running?
  5. Lance - you never notified me of anything - we are here to help, but won't tolerate constant bashing. I didn't see this thread - it happens - I notice you are running an old version of the product, have you updated to version 4.43.1000? Have you done a complete unintall and re-instal to ensure all the new components are being used? If you are still having the problem submit a CSR here: https://www.superantispyware.com/csr We can run a custom diagnostic to see why on your machine this is being detected. Do you want to export that registry key so we can see what's there?
  6. What is your CSR # so I can see what instructions you were provided - it's quite simple to register and activate - we can walk you through it on the phone as well. It seems you don't really want help, but simply want to complain - let us help you!
  7. Please post your latest scan log for review - it should have been detected and removed.
  8. You are welcome! We have to protect our users!
  9. E-Mail me at nicks AT superantispyware.com and I'll set you up with the switches you need to silently deploy. We are in the process of adding lots of options for the upcoming 5.0 (and above) as far as command line switches, so we haven't created the pages yet.
  10. First you need to update to 4.43.1000 - you are using an older version of our software.
  11. The portable is designed to work around that, that's why I am asking you to use it
  12. You must not have entered your registration code and activated the product. What is your CSR (Customer Service Request) - I want to look it up and see what instructions you were provided - where did you ask for help again? We answer all requests during the Mon-Fri weekday within 24 hours at the most.
  13. We don't release public beta's but do release public pre-release builds (long after beta) - those will be available fairly soon.
  14. I am not sure exactly what you are asking.....
  15. https://www.superantispyware.com/portable
  16. Yes, there is an updated GUI:)
  17. Please post your latest scan log here for review.
  18. We don't have a definition update reminder - if you are referring to the dialog that tells you that you haven't checked for definition updates in X days - that shows when you open the main scanner screen.
  19. Please post your lastest SUPERAntiSpyware scan log here - let's make sure you have the latest definitions, etc. - if not we can run a diagnostic as well.
  20. What is telling you that the viruses are still there?
  21. Thank you for testing! Would you be interested in taking a peek at our 5.0 when it's available for pre-pre-release?
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