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  1. Hope everyone had a nice dwy!
  2. Please post your latest SUPERAntiSpyware scan log here for review.
  3. The new scheduler uses the windows scheduler, so you can set it up anyway you wish
  4. You are running an older version of our software and have older definitions - update to the new product and definitions and re-scan.
  5. We only contact people if we need additional information typically.
  6. If you are on only broadband the dial up box should not display ever. What are your OS specs?
  7. What, if any, other signs of infection do you have? Have you tried surfing with Firefox (as a test)?
  8. Somehow the post had been altered and the link was no correct - it is corrected now.
  9. What numeric version of SUPERAntiSpyware do you have installed?
  10. This is actually not correct. First Chance Prevention scans critical locations of your computer on startup/shutdown/login/logout. Critical Point Scan is a directed scan that will scan the First Chance Prevention points in addition to memory and loaded modules.
  11. The portable is not designed to save any settings. Use the free or pro for retained settings and logs.
  12. Don't be disrespectful - we try and answer as fast as we can.
  13. We will check this out - very odd as our web stuff is pretty standard.
  14. We are getting close to a public pre-release test build - we are hoping to have one in the next few weeks - but as always we only release items when they are ready as that is more important that "rushing".
  15. If you are having problems doing the auto-update you can simply uninstall and download the new version and install it.
  16. Please post your latest scan log here for review so we can see the version of the product, the definitions version and what was detected.
  17. Updated Should all work properly now, please let us know if there are problems!
  18. We will look into this today and update this thread. It should work with no issues.
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