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  1. Version 5.0 allows you to delete them in "bulk". People like to keep empty scan logs so they know when they have scanned their systems in the past.
  2. I did post here - we are fielding questions as they are posted. We of course will honor lifetime subscriptions - we, and Support.com are honest companies. There was no need to email tech license holders as nothing has changed! If something was going to change we of course would contact involved parties.
  3. I wanted to post some exciting news about SUPERAntiSpyware. As the title says, we closed a deal to be acquired by Support.com. This is really great news for our team. We’ve fielded and turned down many offers in the past. This one though looked like, and is, a great fit. I am very excited about the future ahead! By joining with Support.com, we’ll be able to expand our research and distribution, among other benefits, which will bring SUPERAntiSpyware protection to even more people and increase our ability to fight malware. All the people on our team here in Eugene are joining Support.com as part of this deal. There will be things that change, but the one thing that will not change is our dedication to SUPERAntiSpyware, our customers, and to removing ALL the spyware, NOT just the easy ones! -Nick Skrepetos, Founder, SUPERAntiSpyware
  4. With over 40 million downloaders of our 4.x series, we have to make sure there are no issues for the 4.x -> 5.0 upgrade. We are going to be going full public pre-release shortly on 5.0, then final release.
  5. Any product that uses software is typically able to be detected.
  6. Our product is designed to detect and remove threats found on your system - it's not designed as a research tool - meaning we don't spend the time doing large write-ups on threats - we spend the time finding and removing them
  7. When pre-release testing is complete Thousands of testers are downloading and testing now!
  8. We will have that as an option - many users want individual settings.
  9. We'll take a look at this today - there is no harm to your system here.
  10. Are you surfing while scanning or running any instant message or email clients/webmail?
  11. Version 5.0 takes advantage of multiple cores
  12. You should try our version 5.0 pre-release
  13. Please post your latest scan log here so we can see what's being detected.
  14. Submit a support request here: https://www.superantispyware.com/csr
  15. The upcoming 5.0 has 30% smaller definition files as well as global definitions
  16. I respect your concern. Out of dozens of variations of coupon and purchase banners that one performs the best for our clients - no single style or message can please everyone - but we are reputable and have an excellent product.
  17. That's not a public release yet (4.50.1002) - the portable will be updated when the public release goes out.
  18. New 4.50.1002 Pre-Release here: SUPERAntiSpyware 4.50.1002 Pre-Release * Resolves "Windows Administrator" error on updating (will allow smooth transition to 5.0 in the coming weeks)
  19. SUPERAntiSpyware does NOT remove system files, in fact we SPECIFICALLY GUARD against that, sometimes malware will damage system files, not SUPERAntiSpyware.
  20. They are over 30% smaller, they are not incremental at this point.
  21. Are you placing a check mark next to those as they may be notifications and not checked by default.
  22. Are you using our default scan settings?
  23. We have had no other reports of such an issue - what other security software are you running? What numeric version of SUPERAntiSpyware are you running?
  24. The portable is updated daily with new definitions, so you won't have to update. The portable is designed to simply run and then be done - you don't leave it on the system.
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