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  1. Of course it is, we have had Direct Disk Access longer than most vendors out there, so we can see things other products may not see on the drive.
  2. We simply enabled our new Flash Cookie rules (most people don't know flash drops cookies as well) - we have had the request to clean them, as well as Firefox and Chrome cookies (next version). The can't "harm" your system, but can be used to track behavior and surfing habits by Flash Applications.
  3. When you have a problem such as this, you need to provide some system details so we can see what might be going on - did you do a complete uninstall and re-install? Are you 32 or 64 bit? What OS?
  4. Please post your latest SAS scan log here so we can verify the version and definition set.
  5. Could you explain this? I am not sure what you mean.
  6. Is your system infected? What firewall are you running?
  7. If you look at typical weekdays, we do definition releases every few hours. We'll be updating the Professional to have the option to set the update check interval.
  8. As we move forward now that our 64-Bit pre-release seems stable and will become an official release, we want to know what our users feel would help improve SUPERAntiSpyware. We would appreciate honest feedback from those looking to improve SUPERAntiSpyware. Remember the key features of our 4.38 Pre-Release are: * 32/64 bit blended installer in a single package - the installer installs the proper version for your Operating System * TRUE NATIVE 64-bit support - many other products work in 64-bit but don't actually scan or remove 64-bit components * Safe Mode Installation Ability Pre-Release Location https://www.superantispyware.com/prerelease.html Questions 1. What features would make SUPERAntiSpyware easier to use? 2. What would add "value" to SUPERAntiSpyware Professional besides the real-time and scheduling? 3. What annoys/bothers you most about SUPERAntiSpyware - what can we do change that? 4. What can we add to SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition to make in a more effective tool in the fight against malware? 5. Other suggestions and comments? Remember that we do keep EVERY suggestion logged on our "wish list" - we can't get to everything, but we will try and provide the features that the majority of our users want - this also doesn't mean that the other suggestions aren't valid, it just means there is only a certain amount of time in a day to accomplish the tasks!
  9. Thank for the suggestion - I placed it on the list
  10. Is IE installed on your systems? That window uses the browser to show the results. We are awaiting clearance from Microsoft to be allowed to integrate into the security center - they have new requirements. Once we have our "access" we'll be included
  11. The 4.90 was put "far" in the future to avoid any collisions with version, this 4.38 version is likely going to be the official release.
  12. The installer should not be access the recycle bin - can you post a screen shot of the exact error?
  13. Most users have no idea how to create scripts or use command line options, so in program options are required.
  14. The portable is always a random filename, FYI
  15. RUNSAS is a tool for the 32-bit version to help when malware blocks SUPERAntiSpyware from running. When we have the command line parameters available, we will post documentation. We have command line options for silent install and auto-registration now.
  16. Thanks for the report and testing The SASCORE in 32-bit mode is not activated in this version, it will be in the next version. It is active in the 64-bit version.
  17. Uninstall and re-download 4.37 from our site and re-install and you should no longer have the problem.
  18. SUPERAntiSpyware doesn't label ourselves as an anti-virus application because we are not - meaning disinfecting viruses is very different than removing malware. We are experts in malware and spyware.
  19. We have a long list of feature requests that we prioritize on every new release. All requests are logged for possible inclusion. As far as "easy" - most of the requests are not difficult but each takes time and resources and we also are mindful of not feature bloating our products.
  20. We can certainly discuss licensing. We of course have these options, contact sales@superantispyware.com
  21. The software is not abandoned. We are working towards an official release.
  22. FYI, you were scanning with an old version of SUPERAntiSpyware (4.33) - you should always run the latest version, we likley would have picked up the TDSS component. Glad you resolved your problem.
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