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  1. Thank you for the suggestion!
  2. In the future, to avoid duplicatoin of efforts and resources, would you please just post in one place? We have different staff that handles the forum vs the support system and posting both places just wastes resources. If you submit something via our support system, it gets handled.
  3. The issue has been resolved, and will be in next weeks 4.40 build
  4. It's not an infection that's causing this issue - so SUPERAntiSpyware can't fix something that's not there......
  5. Nothing SUPERAntiSpyware does can change the drag/drop ability on your system, FYI.
  6. Is this a 32 or 64 bit system? We did change the Quick Scan to skip certain files that don't need scanning in Quick Scan mode.
  7. We have those set that way in case admins have disabled the task manager on purpose.
  8. Seth is correct - infections disable this often - 99.99% of users do not disable this on their own.
  9. You should be running the 4.39.1002 version, that replaces the 4.90.xxxx versions. We have been unable to reproduce the handle usage here and we have had no other reports, if you continue to have the problem with 4.39, we would like to work with you to track it down.
  10. No, you can't infer that, all uninstallers have been updated, you can use the one here to make sure if you are concerned: www.superantispyware.com/downloads/SASUNINST64.EXE
  11. We have denied nothing, we have handled the issue caused by harddrive cross linked folders/files and guarded against this now in our uninstallers (32 and 64 bit).
  12. We have updated the uninstaller to block against this issue caused by CROSS LINKED files/directories on a windows system i.e. ChkDsk / ScanDsk would resolve this if run - we hadn't counted on a corrupted harddrives, but now we have guarded against this in all uninstallers.
  13. Did you reboot after the scan if asked to do so by SAS?
  14. Are the handles growing or staying the same?
  15. The 32 bit will autoupdate right away, the 64-bit will be Monday or Tuesday.
  16. We have been trying to create any scenario that we can get the program to delete large groups of files, and the only one that we have come upon is if a section is cross linked to a wrong folder - that means there is an error(s) on the drive - we are putting in some additional measures to prevent and verify this, so if a drive is corrupted or has a portion corrupted this can't happen. We are very sorry this happened to you, we have had hundreds of thousands of installs/uninstalls since this release without issue.
  17. We'll see if we can reproduce this in our test lab!
  18. That option will be in version 5.0
  19. The uninstall tool only deletes our files, it has a specific file list. If you have any other information please let us know.
  20. We will be putting these up on our site shortly.
  21. Why have multiple updates per day? Because malware comes out every minute, so we do definitions and release them to protect our users.
  22. We also have termination protection.
  23. We don't yet have 64-bit repairs, but will soon!
  24. The event viewer is simply logging us mapping the user registry in, it's nothing to be concerned with - how often are you seeing this?
  25. The tray icon is not there so you can "Donate". The icon is there because many malware/spyware infections will BLOCK anti-spyware/anti-virus products from running, so if you get infected and you don't have real-time, it gives you the opportunity to run the scan immediately as if you try and run SAS, MBAM, AVG, etc. after you are infected, the infection will block it.
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