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  1. Brandon - your firewall must be blocking access to our server. No one else is reporting update issues, and we are seeing hundreds of thousands of updates per day, so I don't believe there is a global problem at hand. Try this. Go to the Start Menu->Run and type: tracert updates.superantispyware.com Click the OK button. Let me know the LAST line that is displayed, it may take a few seconds and should output at least 15-20 lines. -Nick
  2. The "Core" database is the database of actual harmful files, the Trace database is mostly registry information, url's, cookies, etc. that are not specifically harmful but yet should be cleaned up. -Nick
  3. Trace Route - that traces the "hops" to our server and tells you it it can make the connection properly. -Nick
  4. That's very odd, as I just tested from several locations and all the updates went fine. If you right-click the system tray icon and select "Check for Updates...", then go check the definition version, does it advance to 2905 (current)? There also could be a routing issues between your location and our server - have you done a tracert? -Nick
  5. Brandon - which firewall are you using? -Nick
  6. SUPERAntiSpy


    You are more than welcome! -Nick
  7. That is very kind of you to have him post our link! I really appreciate the support from our users! -Nick
  8. Thanks for the heads up - I have already contacted them. They feed the products from CNET and it is odd our products are not there as we have high ratings and high download counts. -Nick
  9. SUPERAntiSpy


    Brandon - yes, that has been suggested and is on our list for the next release. Keep those suggestions coming - I really appreciate the input from our users! -Nick
  10. The right-click check for updates and check for updates button in the control center both "force" update of the definitions in case the user has somehow gotten out of sync, or deleted the definitions from the Application Data folder (we have had this happen). The check for updates on the main screen of SUPERAntiSpyware ONLY checks for definition updates. -Nick
  11. If you right-click the icon and do the "Check for Updates..." it will download new rules in addition to checking for program updates. We will be displaying a notification of rules updates in the next build. -Nick
  12. I will have to look into this further - nothing is hard coded in SUPERAntiSpywrae, as those files are simply imported by SUPERAntiSpyware (the functions in them). -Nick
  13. Thanks for the update. That is strange as SUPERAntiSpyware does not have any hard coded paths or drives. If you run SUPERAntiSpyware from the XP drive, it should find the files properly. Have you tried running the scanner from the XP drive? -Nick
  14. SUPERAntiSpy


    A RootKit (typically) is a Kernel Low-Level driver that may hook or alter the way certain internal Windows functions work. For example - a rootkit may "hide" a file from being "seen" when using Windows Explorer so the program would appear "invisible" to the average user. The Sony issue was "bad" because it was/is exploited by other spyware/malware to hide itself. Let me know if you would like a more in-depth answer. -Nick
  15. If you have system restore disabled, there should not be any files in it to scan - but you can uncheck the option to be sure those files are not scanned each time. I am sure many people forget to turn it back on - until they realize they need it! Many other scanners scan the system restore, but I am not certain they all have options to easily turn it on/off. System Volume Information and System Restore are the same. Windows XP uses the System Volume Information folder/naming and Windows ME uses the other. -Nick
  16. We are looking into scanning Netscape, Firefox, Opera and other browser's cookies in the future. Some have a proprietary file format, so it makes the scanning and removal more difficult. -Nick
  17. It could be the 8+ anti-spyware/virus programs you are running all at once. It does not sound as if you really want us to help track this down as you did not answer most of the quesitons I asked so we could try and track this down. Happy Surfing! -Nick
  18. You are the only person we had reports from that has a problem of this sort - so I believe it is something on your machine. That said - I still would like to find out what exactly is happening. FYI, using 60% of the process while scanning is perfectly normal - and common with most scanners. -Nick
  19. Sounds as if something also scanning at the same time we are - or you have a corrupted installation. Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing SUPERAntiSpyware? -Nick
  20. Adrian - we do send CD's to the UK. You also receive the registraiton (unlock) code immediately upon purchase so you can install on your 2 machines right away. We look forward to having you as a customer! -Nick
  21. Can you supply some additional information, such as operating system you are using, other security products you are running, which version (Free or Pro) of our product you are running? What exaclty happened? When did it freeze? When starting, when scanning? Any CPU is just as easy to freeze as another. -Nick
  22. Are you referring to adjusting the column widths? -Nick
  23. We are adding the core/trace and an update log to our site very soon. The updates happen on the weekends often also, not just weekdays. -Nick
  24. Thanks for the suggestion. That is in our queue of things to add in to a future build. Thank you for taking the time to suggest it! -Nick
  25. Gerard, I will take a look at that and let you know my findings. -Nick
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