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  1. SSUPDATE.EXE is our auto-updater. It is copied into the TEMP folder, then executed from there.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I believe that file is used by both good and bad applications. It should be a "warning/notify" definition where it is unchecked by default for removal.
  3. We do promote the use of our forum, but is better for the users to see people talking about it on other forums, where they know a greater variety of people will see and answer the posts. It also provides an unbiased opinion of our product. I frequent the various forums to ensure I answer any questions users may have.
  4. Thank you for the excellent question - the settings are set for the best detection options. If you use the Complete Scan option, that is the most thorough scan we offer.
  5. You are very welcome! Enjoy the product, and tell your friends
  6. Our new definition set will no longer detect these items.
  7. I got your PM earlier, and we will be taking a look at this next week.
  8. Thanks of the information. They were supposed to have fixed that, but I will contact them again!
  9. You can do that. If you think you are really infected, it's best not to surf as it gives the BHO's and such a chance to install more spyware/malware.
  10. We currently have it fixed at 8 hours, as we want to be careful not to flood our update servers with update requests so that all users can get their updates promptly. Typically, the best procedure is to check for updates prior to scanning. As a registered user of the Professional, if you are using the scheduled scanning, you can tell SAS to check for updates before scanning so you would always have the latest definitions.
  11. Cookies are not considered "dangerous" so SAS does not include blocking them in real-time in this release.
  12. AdAware and SpyBot are showing their age, meaning they have not yet stepped up to the latest in kernel technology, that is why they often miss items as the infections today are much more integrated into the system. I am sure they will updgrade their technologies, they will have to in order to be able to compete in the future. AV and AS are converging in a way, and in other ways they each have different ways of prevention and detection. -Nick
  13. Jerry - it all depends on the technology used, and where they are installed in the "chain". For instance, our new technology for the next version of SAS will probably detect many of these items before the AV would. Anything executed through the Explorer Shell is caught usually by SAS before other applications catch it. -Nick
  14. It's not a conflict - what is happening is that KIS has a Filter Driver and is detecting the file as we read it before we can scan it - so it essentially is getting the file first.
  15. We have considered that - the problem is that those types of protection are exploited by spyware applications - as happened to Symantec/Norton. We will have protection in future versions.
  16. Jerry, There should be no problem at all with the other products. You may wish to disable their real-time while scanning, as it can slow the scan down since each file we access is scanned by KAV, F-Prot, etc.
  17. We are always here to help our users! Enjoy the product, and tell your friends!
  18. Jerry, The lifetime update set for the codes, I checked. We are adding a section in the next release to view the expiration date, or lack there of -Nick
  19. We have not yet added the Opera cookie scanning.
  20. Jerry, If you are purchasing soon, I am happy to do that for you. So, you can purchase SAS for $29.95 + $9.95 (extracopy) + $9.95 (LIFETIME for both). We look forward to having you as a customer!
  21. Is bitdefender detecting the false positives or is SUPERAntiSpyware? If SAS is, are you reporting them so we can see what is going on? We have had little to no F/P's reported recently.
  22. Jerry, It should only detect and remove items that are harmful.
  23. Unfortunately our databases change so drastically with each update, that it is not possible to do the incremental update at this time.
  24. The pre-release is the only one that needs the full re-install for testing. All other updates only update the components required.
  25. SUPERAntiSpyware should remove those infections with no problem - you may need to scan in Safe Mode. We update our definitions daily and are constantly collecting thousands of samples daily. If you find a variant we don't remove, simply report it to use and we can update our definition set. -Nick
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