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  1. Hello - the 1606 error is actually a Microsoft error. Here is a KB (Knowledge Base) article from the Microsoft site: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/886549/ SUPERAntiSpyware features full uninstallation from the Control Panel Add/Remove programs, just as you would uninstall any Windows application.
  2. The license is good for all your accounts on your PC
  3. It only needs about 6MB of disk space - I will have them correct that!
  4. Thanks for the information - I will look into it!
  5. Currently we will post "Pre-Release" notes/topics like we did for 3.2 disclosing what is already complete - unfortunately with the number of other companies "watching" us right now we can't really disclose a "roadmap" in the public. We do take into consideration all suggestions submitted by users for incorporation into future versions.
  6. Thank you for the suggestion - I will keep this on our list for a future version!
  7. Your post is not a question regarding the product. Please keep your comments on topic.
  8. Many of the tests today are inaccurate and don't show the full story, here is my blog on the topic: http://superantispyware.blogspot.com Here is some information regarding what people think of our product. Spyware Warrior Recommended/Trustworthy Applications List http://spywarewarrior.com/asw-features.htm#rec CNET Download.com Reviews http://www.download.com/SUPERAntiSpywar ... l?sb=2&v=0
  9. Kostas - thanks for stopping by! Those should be some great games! Hope things are well in Greece!
  10. We already are compatible IE7
  11. Core definition set : 3066 will no longer detect this file. Thank you for reporting the file.
  12. Can you e-mail me a copy of the file to samples AT superantispyware.com and I will take a look to see what it is being detected.
  13. Again they are testing with old samples, and the samples are not actually installed on an infected machine - they sent us the samples last time and they were from 2003. Hi Nick, Please excuse my ignorance, but it would seem that old samples would much more likely be detected than new ones. Why is that not true? I am not sure how one would test samples without them being either on the machine or an attempt is made to install them on a machine. How do their tests differ from real world scenarios? I wish tests would be performed with; 1. Malware installed on a machine and the scanners initiated so as to find them and then test the removal capability. 2. Attempt to install malware on a clean machine with one, (or more?), anti-malware program active on the machine. Why do test orgs run tests that do not approximate real world situations, and when they do why are they considered useful? Regards, Jerry Jerry - I am doing a full write up on this subject for my blog, and I will post a link when done. The older samples (pre-2002/2003) are not even really in circulation - we focus on the new zero-day (newly released) threats, and current threats. Most of the items they tested against last time were not even "harmful" - so many vendors, including us, do not focus on those as they don't steal passwords, track surfing, etc. I wish they would test in real-world scenarios also, because that is what we target with our software - real spyware in the real world. I am going to cover all this in my blog and I will post it here, and on the other forums.
  14. JayT36 - our company is not in any financial trouble, and we do offer specials from time to time - our product is certainly not "useless" - we have been around for years, and will continue to be. SUPERAntiSpyware should not prevent videos as we don't block pop-ups or scripts, are you running SUPERAdBlocker also?
  15. Again they are testing with old samples, and the samples are not actually installed on an infected machine - they sent us the samples last time and they were from 2003.
  16. Thanks for the pic - on all of our test systems and work computers, we have the AM/PM indicator. Which version of Windows are you running?
  17. Kostas thanks for writing. Thank you also for your support of our product! I hope you are doing well in Greece! -Nick
  18. Thank you for your suggestions. We will keep on file for possible implementation in a future version - both of these items are on our list already, so they will likley make it into future versions.
  19. Thanks for the suggestion. We may include an advanced scheduler in the future. You can set it to scan every day currently if you would like.
  20. If you are installing both SAS and SAB, I would uncheck the "Block Spyware Applications" option in the ad-blocking tab of SAB as you only need one real-time scanner active. SAB does contain the scanning capabilities of SAS, just not the extra features such as repairs, custom scanning and fine tuning the scanning control.
  21. The best option would be to exclude each sub-folder under Program Files that you wish to exclude from scanning. You will only have to do this once. I am aware of the Windows Defender interface and will keep your suggestion on our list of user requests. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and let us know your idea.
  22. When browsers are open, items that load with the browser, such as toolbars and browser helper objects (BHO's) can download and potentially install new software. If the browser is closed while scanning you are less likely to become re-infected while scanning.
  23. Thank you, we have viewed this test and they are testing by placing all the samples in a single folder and scanning - the test is not representative of a real-world spyware infection, which is what SUPERAntiSpyware focuses on. We hope they will organize a real test of actual infections - SUPERAntiSpyware will fair much better as that is what it is designed to do - fight spyware infections in the real-world.
  24. Jerry - SUPERAntiSpyware should remove all variants we have come across of SpyAxe with no problem.
  25. Jerry - I am not sure when SAS will be included, it is kind of up to the various testing sites - we have let them all know about our product. I am not overly impressed with many of the tests people do because they do not test an application over a period of time, they are typically one-time tests and that does not show the strength of the application nor company behind it - meaning on any given day, one product will outperform another - we pride ourselves in keeping up on the latest zero-day threats.
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