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  1. Often times under a limited user account applications do not have write permission to the Program Files \application folder, so we store them under Application Data. Microsoft specifications also indicate that all data files should be stored in the application data folder.
  2. The application data folder contains the spyware definitions, exclude lists and trusted applications lists. There are no other folders besides the Program Files and Application Data folders.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I will add it our list of suggestions for future versions. All files are quarantined, and can always be restored so we never delete anything that can't be recovered from the quarantine.
  4. We update our definitions typically once per day: https://www.superantispyware.com/definit ... story.html
  5. Basically just some folders for service packs, and a couple of other folders under Windows will be ignored on the Quick Scan. Not typical spyware locations.
  6. We have updated our definitions page to include links to manually download the database definitions for systems without an Internet connection. Defintions Page https://www.superantispyware.com/definitions.html
  7. The quick scan does not scan as many registry keys and file locations as the complete scan. The complete scan will often find more "dormant/non-active" spyware that may not actually be running. The Quick Scan is designed to find items running, in startup and in common locations and will typically root out most infections.
  8. Thank you The scanning options apply globally to both the Quick and Complete scans - the defaults settings are the best options for effecient scanning and detection.
  9. It appears on your system, for whatever reason, KIS is blocking our ability to download. We have tested this in-house with no problem - I am not sure exactly why it is being blocked - it is frustrating when we can't duplicate the problem so we can debug it here I apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. The Free and Pro are identical as far as updating. I am not sure why you are experiencing these issues with KIS as we have many users using the full suite with no problems. Have you tried uninstalling SUPERAntiSpyware and re-installing?
  11. I don't mind you posting them, but may I suggest using the hxxp instead of http in front so those domains don't draw them traffic or help their page rankings in Google, etc.
  12. Our next release has defense systems built it - we have samples of spyware that terminates any software that queries the process and have taken care of the problem.
  13. I appreciate you informing us of these domains - we are working to stop these hijackings of our names.
  14. We do test on Vista of course We will be providing updated drivers in the near future to add additional support for Vista.
  15. We currently do not have a command line interface, but have one planned for a future release.
  16. Have you allowed both SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE and SSUPDATE.EXE through the firewall bi-directionally?
  17. We don't have reported problems with 3081 - I wanted to see if the problem still occured with the current definition set so I would know where to start "looking" if the problem still exists. Which version of our software are you runnig?
  18. When the memory scanning is running (that portion of the scan) it is not a good idea to start many new applications. There is no crash report in SAS - what does the Windows error/crash report show?
  19. Hello - which version of our software are you running? Can you check to make sure you have the latest definitions (Core 3082) as of today and see if the problem occurs?
  20. We are adding the download links and instructions to download the definitions manually - it should be up on our definition page by the end of the week. As for program updates, you can simply get the install package and install the latest version. SUPERAntiSpyware should run fine in Safe Mode - we do that all the time in our test lab, and users do that for nasty infections. What error are you receiving in Safe Mode?
  21. Thank you for alerting us of that thread. Our forums are actually quite new and we typically handle our support directly one on one with the user through our Customer Service center here: https://www.superantispyware.com/support.html We are always happy to answer questions posted here also. Typically users seem to feel that a vendors forums may be "biased" as they are controlled by the vendor so that is why Nick is active in other reputable forums such as Wilders, CastleCops, DslReports, etc.
  22. John - yes, you can contact our support dept, and we can take care of things for you - no problem!
  23. Are you talking about right click menu on the system tray icon? Is selecting the update feature from the system tray icon different than the update feature from the main interface? One more question. When I select to show the system tray icon in the preferences, I noticed that when starting the program by double clicking the desktop icon the main user interface does not appear. Only the system tray icon appears than I have to use that icon to make the main interface appear on the desk top. If I deselect show system tray icon from preferences than double clicking the desk top icon will launch the main user interface on the desk top. Is the way it is designed to work or a bug in my install? Thank You Yes, the one on the main interface only checks for Definition updates and is meant to allow a "quick check" before scanning. If you don't show the system tray icon, the main interface starts up - if it is show, it places itself there and you can double click it to bring up the main screen - that is by design.
  24. BootSafe provides an easy way to get into and out of Safe Mode - once you boot into safe mode with BootSafe, you need to run BootSafe again to boot to Normal Mode. Check for updates in the right-click menu, checks for definition and program updates - you will be prompted to download the program updates when they are available.
  25. Is this expected/normal? Yes that is the expected behavior - if you install the software on each account, it is essentially a "new installation" - our server counts it as one activation because your machine id would be the same.
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