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  1. There should be no problem with SAS and Norton. Make sure you download our 3.2.1028 from our site and update your defintions.
  2. Any files removed by SUPERAntiSpyware can be restored via the Quarantine. Make sure you are using our 3.2.1028 version of the software, with the latest definition set.
  3. Erik - you must NAVIGATE/OPEN the folder c:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware and then run the SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE from that folder by double-clicking on it - it will work that way.
  4. SUPERAntiSpyware will run in safe mode. You may need to navigate to the Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware folder and double-click the SUPERANTISPWYARE icon.
  5. I will look into this - we have not had really any reports of this - is there any additional data you can provide?
  6. Thanks for the updates! Sounds like you are very busy - you know we have a reseller program where you can earn up to a 50% commission on sales of SUPERAntiSpyware - might be a good deal for you and your clients!
  7. Thanks for the heads up. We were aware of their testing and results. Their tests leave much to be desired. You can read a little more here: http://superantispyware.blogspot.com
  8. They are the same product internally once you register either of them (as you have). The one that says "Free Edition" means it was convered to the Professional by entering the registration code.
  9. There currently is not, but we will be providing a "package" that will allow installing the product like that - it also will be able to be run from a USB drive or CD, etc.
  10. Wow, you guys think of everything... everything I send your way seems to be in progress. Hmm, okay, two more... Are you planning a boot time scanner that a user could initialize to scan before Windows starts? I noticed that Avast does this. (BTW, have I already asked this question before..? I'm foggy in my thinking right now).. Also, I've noticed on some of the spyware components that they immediately disable access to the Windows XP firewall, preventing you from checking its status and turning it back on. Does SUPERAntiSpyware Pro have the ability to repair this? Take care, We do have a boot time scanner already - it loads during the WinLogon process before windows has actually started the shell - the only things loaded before are kernel drives and the basic subsystem, so it does allow many items to be detected and removed prior to getting their hooks into the system. I will add the firewall repair to our list of repairs - I am not sure if it will make it into this next release, but we keep all items on our list for possible inclusion in future versions!
  11. Thanks for the suggestion - we actually have some of that type of protection in the works
  12. Thanks for letting us know that we helped It is always nice to hear from users!
  13. It most likley will be version 3.3 - lots of scanning, detection and removal improvements. We will do a public post when it is in pre-release stages.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I am actually just finishing up a web interface to submit samples. The next version of our software will have that ability also - our current release does have a "False Positve" submit ability already
  15. Jerry - we will test out the My Travel Access and see what we find.
  16. Can you post the scan log from the other product? I can't see the full GUIDs and what was detected to see if it really is an infection.
  17. Unfortunately that report won't give us the details we would need to track down the issue - our new version will be out soon, and I would be curious if you still encounter the same issue.
  18. Thanks for the compliments and test posting - that's the typical results we see in real-world live infection detections and removals. The "SUPER" name is part of our brand - we have SUPERAntiSpyware, SUPERAdBlocker, SUPERFileRecover and soon other "SUPER" products - the "SUPER" is part of building a brand and product recognition. We do include text on all of our sites and literature regarding the fact that SUPERAntiSpyware will detect and remove Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Keyloggers, Dialers, Downloaders, etc.
  19. I have tried using SUPERAntiSpyware to disinfect a slaved drive and can confirm that the steps SUPERAntiSpyware uses to prevent false positives also prevent the detection of about 75% of the malware it detects under normal circumstances . The idea of a shop version that imports a slaved drives registry to work with the scanning of a slaved drive has been proposed already . The box by itself is an awesome idea . I built one for my work and could not live without it . Make sure to add a raid card to attach external ide cables and a high powered PSU . The way I have mine set up allows me to work on 8 ATA , 2 notebook and 4 SATA drives at once . A multicore processor is also a must . Currently the best applications to scan a slaved drive are PestPatrol , CounterSpy , ZeroSpyware , Kaspersky and AntiVir . They don't seem to care where the malware is located . The load hive function of regedit will allow you to edit a slaved drives registry . This can be a life saver if a non-malware problem prevents normal booting . There is also a way to build a new registry from a system restore point . This is easy to do when you slave the problem hard drive to an XP PRO system . If you have any questions about my work machine let me know . 99.99% of the infections that our real-world users are going after are live infections on their primary box/harddisk. We did not design SUPERAntiSpyware to scan slave drives, mount slave registries, etc. although we may provide that ability in a future version. The items we will be "non-effective' with on a slave box will be mostly registry items as any of the file items that are detected by our regular definitions/signatures will be detected on the slave drive as well, those are non-path dependent.
  20. We actually have such a tool that we use in-house - we may release it for public consumption (in the future).
  21. Not sure about the BartCD thing (yet) When the items are detected, they are separated into memory, files and registry - it will display that in the tree view at the end. Example:
  22. The Hives can be "mounted' - we could do that, that is essentially what Spybot is doing - or importing the entire hive into a key under the Spybot key and scanning it there.
  23. Thank you very much for your excellent suggestions. We do have technology to read the hives directly, but modifying the hives can be a "tricky" process so that may not be as practical as the file scanning aspects - the files are what represent the "real" threat - meaning, once the files are gone, 99.99% of the harmful portion of the infection will be removed.
  24. We have some new fault-tolerant downloading abilities in our next version so this type of situation can't happen. If you did the manual download and copied the files, you should be all set.
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