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  1. The Planet hosts hundresds of thousands of sites on tens of thousands of servers - what that means if that if you use ip range blocking blacklists there are bound to be ip's in there that are "good" and "bad ips" that are no longer bad but are recycled to "good" sites and servers such as ours. Every host in the nation has hosted a malicious site at one point - it's just part of the risk of owning a hosting service.
  2. Can you do an in-product false positive report, that gives us the actual data from our definition system so we can update the proper definition easily.
  3. This should be resolved now with definition release Core 5303 and Trace 3115. Please let me know if you have any further problems. This should follow the cookie scanning option in the Scanning Control Settings.
  4. Please post your scan log with the detections so we can take a look and see what might be going on.
  5. Why do you have SAS set to startup when Windows starts if you aren't showing the system tray? (just curious) I'll take a look why that's showing the splash screen still.
  6. Ok, now we're getting somewhere - you don't have any infection. Are you running version 4.41.1000 of SUPERAntiSpyware?
  7. That will be updated in version 5.0. For now you can just trust that category when it's detected and they won't be detected again.
  8. Can you export that key so we can see they data and then we can try and determine why you are getting this detection? We have had no further reports (other than yours) once we updated the definition, so we'd like to track it down and see what's happening on your system.
  9. Why do you think there in an infection, what has been detected and by what software? You aren't posting any facts here, you are making claims but we need facts and something to go on - just saying a data drive is infected and stopped SAS in it's tracks gives us nothing to help you with - a data drive can't "stop SAS in its tracks". Can you provide some more information?
  10. Why would you believe SAS is infected? What exactly showed you this? If it's a trojan that writes over files, then SAS wasn't infected, it simply replaced our file with itself - this can happen to any piece of software.
  11. What exactly are you seeing on your system? Please post a scan log here for review.
  12. We are updating our ban filters today, it should put an end to the spammers. They are real people out of China, so the challenge questions etc. don't stop them as they are actual people not just the usual bots.
  13. The next time you have one of these systems, contact us and we can run a diagnostic to see EXACTLY what is on the system - we detect thousands of rootkits.
  14. You are completely incorrect in your statement regarding "SAS misses the rootkits completely". We detect thousands of rootkits including the TDSS ones being circulated today. If have something we are not detecting let us know, we can run a diagnostic and see what's going on. Also tools such as HiJackThis and ComboFix use the Windows API and will not see MANY rootkits at all.
  15. Can you post your scan log here so we can see what was actually detected?
  16. Yes, it's needed to use the most advanced scanning.
  17. We tracked down a rare problem on 64-bit that may have caused that and it appears it resolved it for your system
  18. Those are simply flash cookies and can be deleted.
  19. What numeric version of SAS are you running?
  20. SUPERAntiSpyware is currently only for Windows based systems.
  21. Are you certain you are scanning with our latest version and latest definitions? Can you post a scan log here so we can see what is being detected?
  22. You can also submit through www.virustotal.com
  23. What numeric version of SAS are you running?
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