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  1. We have released version 5.6 with some pretty big improvements:

    • All NEW Version 5.6!
    • NEW: Completely re-architected definition database system
    • NEW: Dramatically improved memory usage - up to 90% less compared with the previous version!
    • NEW: Greatly enhanced product load times
    • NEW: Faster scanning, faster malware detection
    • Resolution of long-standing issues affecting certain systems
    • Several critical bug fixes
    • Heuristic/Smart definition updates and improvements
    • Enhancements to the Worldwide Threat Map infrastructure
    • Optimizations to in-product bug reporting system

  2. A progress bar while scanning the PC would be extremely helpful to know just how much of the scan is over and estimate how much more is left and how long it would take. This is needed in both the paid and the free editions.

    The lack of a progress bar often results in the scan needing to be aborted, possibly when nearing the end, if the PC was required for urgent work or if the PC needs to be switched off.

    Thank you for the suggestion. It is on our wish list of potential new features.

  3. The Title says it all A Bootable Rescue Disc iso to download and burn so you don't have to access the OS.

    All in favour say 'Aye.

    It's something we have considered, but the demand isn't as high as for other features at this time.

  4. I was wondering if there is a way to keep user accounts from being able to turn SAS off arbitrarily? They are able to turn off both the protection module and the update feature. While it is a good and valuable program, when there have been problems with previous versions (prior to ver 5), they got in the habit of just turning it off. Now they are still able to do it with version 5.0.1134.

    Any help would be most appreciated.


    Rodney Neace

    There currently is no way to "prevent" them from turning it off - what did you have in mind?

  5. Nick and company is this now bundled

    with the install ask tool bar?

    thanks G



    It's not bundled, but rather an optional install that, if elected, enables a Professional feature - scheduled scanning at no charge. A "bundle" means it's included and installed as part of the package - we have an optional install. Nothing is disabled or features lost if the user elects not to install - it's still the great free SUPERAntiSpyware we have always produced!

  6. The buttons on the new SUPERAntiSpyware 5 Control Panel (Scan Your Computer, Preferences, etc.) are not labeled for accessibility. Therefore, a person with a visual impairment who uses a screen reader application (JAWS, Window-Eyes, SuperNova) cannot know which button he is on. The screen reader merely reads "Button. To activate press Spacebar." Apparently the programmers have overlooked labelling the buttons on each page of the new Control Panel. These were labeled in previous version(s), but this has been overlooked in the new version 5.

    Thank you for your attention.


    They are labelled, I'll have to check why they aren't readable by the screen readers.

  7. as the description says, you should show more activity on your forums SAS, I have posted quite a few things, and seen others post things, but have not seen a peep from any of your employees on here since joining, you should have employees dedicated to checking the forums, or create a facebook page like I suggested before, it would help alot in helping in-experienced users get support!

    We monitor the forums on a daily basis - if other members are answering things properly, there is no reason for us to jump in just for a "me too" answer. We are always here to help!

  8. Good afternoon everyone,

    I've been using SAS (on-demand) for some time now, and was curious as to what the significance is between what I call a normal delete of cookies, potential threats, etc, and deletions which SAS requires a reboot in order to complete the process?

    (i.e. do the deletions requiring a reboot contain more serious threats than a non-reboot action)?

    Many thanks for your time and any info!

    When a reboot is required it typically means the file is locked, in-use or is otherwise unavailble to be deleted so we use our proprietary methods to delete the file on reboot.

  9. Hi,

    I am using latest SuperAntiSpyware version, and the real-time protection is showing 'Blocked item alert' in every few seconds showing following information:-



    While scanning the computer, SuperAntiSpyware detects following malware/trojans:-

    - Trojan.Agent/Gen-CDesc[LordPE] - 1 item found


    - Malware.Sality - 24 items found

    As per the fix prcedure, it removes these items but after reboot again these items show up in scan and real time protection alert.

    Could you please help and let me know, how can this be solved.




    Please post your latest scan log here for review.

  10. You can download the portable daily to receive the definition updates - there will be a paid technician version where you can update from within the program. The whole idea behind the portable is to use it when can't install the free edition and leave it on the machine. If you are a licensed technician we will have other tools for you (technicians edition).

  11. ETA means estimated time of arrival, when will it be finished? Is it in alpha? Beta? Did you guys start developing 2 weeks ago? As my company does pay for the license I would love to have any information on when we can move from this current version of portable to the one where we can update it ourselves.

    We don't provide release dates, as we work on our software all the time and it will be released when ready - it will likley be before the 1st of the year.

  12. Since no one is responding after 2 weeks, I will open a new topic for this question. What is the ETA on this?

    There was nothing further to respond to, that's why no one updated the topic - we are in development on the technicians edition - it will only be available for licensed technicians (paid).

  13. I recently switched from Firefox to the Seamonkey browser (both Mozilla).

    Will SAS scan the Seamonkey Cache for issues and tracking cookies?


    SAS is one of the top 5 software purchases I have ever made. Been working in the industry for several years.

    We don't have any specific SeaMonkey support at this time. Thanks for your support!

  14. New to this forum, but an otherwise advanced user.

    I am running the latest SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition updated about an hour ago. [if it matters, it was an update past an install at .1116.]

    The computer has multiple partitions. Running a complete scan it asks me to include/exclude drives by letter.

    I am running Windows XP from drive G: and when I choose drive C: the program gets into an infinite loop accessing something on drive C:. The screen allows me to expand some found cookies on the screen, press the pause and stop and cancel buttons, but the program cannot exit. Using the task manager, I had to cancel the main process to get out of it and usage was at 100 percent with most of it in SuperAntiSpyware.exe

    When I exclude drive C: all is fine. When I exclude all but drive C: it hangs.

    Windows CHKDSK C: indicates there are no problems on drive C:. I assume that if it was stuck on any particular file with a physical disk problem the program would get an error [but I will run one of those longer scans to prove the entire file system can be read, but it will take awhile; the drive is many tens of GB.]

    I haven't tried it yet from a bootup to drive C: [the G: system is a maintenance system; this is a dual-boot system], but I figure that running it from the drive that it could hang on would only make any possible troubleshooting even harder.

    I can make an image backup of drive C: and selectively kill it [as long as I don't destroy boot.ini, NTLDR, etc. so that the basic ability to boot is maintained] if anyone has any sane suggestions as to what to do, etc.

    Any help appreciated.


    How long did you let it run? Did you change any of the default scanning options?

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