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  1. The spikes are normal as we have indicated in several threads and discussions - they are NOT slowing down your computer - task manager shows "timeslices", not overall use. If you are not noticing any slow down, there should be no problem - watching task manager is not the way to monitor application resource usage
  2. Some of the variants are heuristic/smart definition based, some aren't - we don't differentiate between the two as the smart definitions are just part of our normal definitions so there is no reason to differentiate the detections.
  3. If there are no new processes being created or destroyed the real-time usage will fall to zero as it won't be processing anything new.
  4. Both of those GUIDS (numbers in {} ) appear on Google as harmful, so they are likley not false positives.
  5. SUPERAntiSpy


    Thanks for your suggestions. The real-time should block most of those products from installing. We don't have a public to-do list as obviously our competitors would be able to see what our direction is/was.
  6. The CPU "spikes" won't slow the system down as we are just using the CPU for a few milliseconds each time - the task manager shows an instance in time, not the amount of CPU used over time. If you right-click and scan, we scan all files regardless as it is a "forced" scan.
  7. Yes, our multi-dimensional scanning has "smart" definitions that operate similar to heuristics to catch variants of infections we have yet to see.
  8. Why is that ? why not do so both check for program updates.? instead of 1 only check for definitions? The one in the right-click menu checks for program updates and definitions, the one on the main screen is s quick check for definitions only.
  9. We are taking it into serious consideration to detect the keyloggers but set them to notify/warning and not auto-remove. The user can then make the choice what to do with the keylogger.
  10. They are part of common icon sets that are available on the Internet - we were using it first, but we don't own it exclusively.
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    You can click next if you want to abort the scan and move to the removal phase, that's why it's allowed.
  12. Not for my install it didn't, it told me I had to uninstall 1st, which it did.The older version never checked for updates, I always had to do them manually & when I read that the new version was out I clicked check for updates & all I got were new definitions! I'm guessing your talking about the auto updater in the newer version will do what you say? You have to use the check for updates in the right-click menu - the one on the main program screen only checks for definitions as the text above says
  13. Thanks for the compliments. The auto-updater in the product will auto-update without re-installing
  14. The auto-updater will fully update the product, simply right-click the SUPERAntiSpyware icon and select "Check for Updates..."
  15. It may not actually be an infection, it could be a trace, or a false positive...what is it actually detecting? Can you post the SpyBot log here?
  16. Please send the sample to samples AT superantispyware.com and we will analyze it.
  17. SUPERAntiSpyware 3.9 is now available for downloading from our main site. The update servers will be activated in the next few days and will dole out the updates over the next week as not to flood our servers. Technology Changes * Scanning engine improvements to detect rootkits that keep handles open to themselves * Ability to remove most infections in a single pass/reboot * Improved trace detection * Windows Vista Scanning Improvements * Additional repairs for Windows Vista and Windows XP (System Restore and System File Checker (SFC)
  18. is that synonymous with no longer operating from the NT kernel (the unhooked aspect)? Which leads me to two questions:1. is my level of protection higher with both options (startup and shutdown) enabled? 2. is there any sense or logic to layering SAS with something else that operates from within the NT kernel? My computer's running smoothly, appears well protected and my memory footprint (versus Spy Sweeper) is cut almost in half from 7MB to 3.7MB (idle w/RTP enabled). Got to love that. Thanks, -P220ST You are better protected doing the startup and shutdown scanning. Our startup scanning operates before most things load - it never hurts to have layers of protection, as no progam will ever be able to catch everything on a given day.
  19. Please submit a support ticket here, and we will have you run a diagnostic: https://www.superantispyware.com/support.html
  20. The scan on shutdown can "catch" applications that fresh write themselves out and may not be "hooked" into the system, but could load before us on startup - that is why we provide both options to scan on startup and shutdown.
  21. Would you sent that to me?
  22. We are looking into this - Google's Blogger may have security issues, we are tracking it down now.
  23. We have lots of new technology changes coming out in our 4.0 version. I will post a pre-release list when the pre-release is available.
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