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  1. Built a new machine and installed GitHub's hosts file but it immediately stopped all internet traffic. I restored the original hosts file setup and then opted for GitHub's DNSs, with the same 'blacklist' built in. This is, in fact, what they recommend for Windows. Anyway, the DNSs seem to work perfectly - took my SAS detection from over a thousand/day to single digits. HOWEVER, when I am using the DNS, updating SAS definitions is blocked at "Checking for Definition Updates". Currently, I am temporarily switching back to auto for IP4 and IP6 DNS addresses in order to update SAS definitions and reinserting the GitHub DNS addresses when done. The scans themselves run with no problem. I did a search of their blacklist hosts file and do NOT find superantispyware. I am running Win 10 Home build 21H1 with the PrintNightmare out-of-band update. Thanks for any help with this nuisance.
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