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  1. SAS Operation has been excellent until recently. Since about 1 month ago the scanning stops and a Windows error pops up: "Windows No Disc" "Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 unexpected parameters" Each time, the scanning stops on the same file, namely C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\MKeeperStat\mkeeper.exe At this time there have been 76000 total items scanned, with 9600 files scanned. Pressing Continue re-starts the scan and it finishes without showing any suspicious files found. Pressing "Try Again" keeps accessing my A:\ drive which is a 3.5" floppy. Each "try again" results in the floppy light coming on and starting up (no disk in the drive). So, I put a disk in A:\ and pressed "try again". This time the scan continued with no other errors or problems. So, something about mkeeper.exe and my floppy drive A:\ is causing difficulty, even though there does not appear tgo be any file or subdirectory with "mkeeper.exe" in it. There is no directory called MKeeperStat. There is no MKeeper.exe installed in the Windows Program List. Other spyware programs do not generate this Windows exception, and do not pick up mkeeper.exe. SAS scan logs show all clean scans, no problems or exceptions. Google searches reveal that mkeeper.exe is spyware and should be removed. Lately, the downloading of the current spyware database fails, and I have to use the force_update program to do a successful download. Tech support suggests running the program in safe mode, but nothing different happens. What does this Windows No Disc error mean? SAS is set to scan C:\ only, which it does with this one exception. What is the fix for this weird issue? Thanks! Laz
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