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  1. Update * .- Just Notice awhile ago , that the open port behavior only happens if I use the Firefox Browser for some reason , on which I don't have any superantispyware extensions or add-ons of any kind , happens if I use Waterfox and/or Internet Explorer , but on the latter only 4 to 5 instances of ports are open at any given moment. Hope somebody has some feedback on this issue. Best regards
  2. Hi ...love the product , but have a question tough, how many ports does superantispyware open at any given time ? I downloaded the free trial version and then activated the professional X version, worked like a charm ! trial period ended , went back to Free style. ..but then started seeing ..21+ ports open named superantispyware.com !! is that Normal ??..weird enough for me at least..the Local Port and the Remote Port for all of them , ..is the same : !..again is that NORMAL ??.. BTW the Local Port varies like from 5581 all the way like to 49612 for example , in all of them 21+ connections Will greatly appreciate any feedback you''l have on the matter Thanks in advance.
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