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  1. I am posting this issue here because I have not seen it mentioned anywhere, and feel it should be reported to management; but, short of sending a physical letter to their mailing address, I have no idea how to do that. For the past week or so, Dr Web has been reporting SUPERAntiSpyware (superantispyware.exe) as being/containing Trojan.Siggen10.3342; and the updater (SSUpdate74.exe) as Trojan.Siggen9/2985, and it removes these two files when it cleans my machine. (Naturally, when it does so, the program no longer works, and has to be reinstalled. I have redownloaded the install files directly from SUPERAntiSpyware site and reinstalled them after this happens, but that does not do anything.) I am using the free edition of this product. This issue first began to occur following the automatic update that asked to be installed around the end of July. Returning to the earlier version, the problem seemed to be fixed, but SUPERAntiSpyware continued to pester me to allow it to update, and after that Dr Web again identified the program and updater as being trojans. Yesterday SUPERAntiSpyware asked to be updated again, which I hoped would resolve this issue; but, running a Dr Web scan right now, I notice that both of the above mentioned items are being flagged again. Is this a real issue, or a false positive? If the latter, perhaps SUPERAntiSpyware should check why this is happening. Thank you for your attention. -- Daniel M. Burkus
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