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  1. And we're back to where we were before ! SSUPDATE64.exe cannot connect (authentication failure) and cannot update !! Why doesn't this get fixed properly !!!???
  2. I've been on a conversation through email as well. I tried what you suggested above. I tried EVERYTHING. several times in fact. Nothing worked, paste tense yes. Because after i figured i might as well bin it, and after a lengthy hiatus between support replying to my emails, i got another silly suggestion that i already had tried before...... I knew something was up. Something must have been fixed at your end. So i gave a new install one more try, going through the same motions all over again, entering my registration info right at the start of the install, and guess what it works........ Since i tried everything as said, there's only 1 option left. Something was fixed at your end.
  3. I tried the suggested: none of it works - problems persists. Still getting the popup window as shown by the second image above ! After reinstall it pops up immediately...... Ah hang on it tells m something different, see the attached image: EXPIRED subscription??????? I Have a lifetime license, what is this????
  4. Hi, I'm experiencing a crash of SSUPDATE64.exe several times a day Situation: 1. i have a pro lifetime license. 2. i was running it on windows 8 with no problems 3. because of switching to new hardware (NVMe drive) i had to upgrade to windows 8.1 for the the proper drivers 4. now i keep getting the SSUPDATE64 crash window appearing 5. when i click close the software itself continues running happily 6. on this new setup i also run Glasswire firewall and webroot internet security anywhere
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