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  1. I have been a LONG time user and really like this software but Im at the end of my patience. I keep getting error messages every time run it. It says there like 379 spywares to remove but I cant get to the end to remove them. It keeps stopping in the middle before its done. I was using the free version but I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, same thing. I uninstalled again and reinstalled the pro version and its doing the same thing. I dont mind paying for it if it works. Ive reached out to customer service like 5 times and its like 3-4 days before they answer each time. They told me to send them the logs zipped up of which I did and they never got back to me and that was like over a week ago. Sent a reminder and still nothing. Im at the end of the road, anybody have any ideas what could be causing this. Im using Windows 10 home. I get the error screen and send your optional email screen to report it. Thank you.
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