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  1. I sent a tech support ticket a month ago and other then the immediate canned response I have received no further correspondence. Is SAS now defunct? The last update in announcements was a year ago. I have 5 lifetime keys that I bought back when you could buy lifetime keys and now SAS will not install at all on my windows 10 pro x64 Version 1909 Build 18363.535 machine. I also keep seeing in this forum all the threads being locked. Locking all the threads removes the ability for the forum comunity to help of other users. My issue is that when I attempt to install SAS I get the typical windows UAC popup screen asking to give permission, I grant permission then poof...nothing. No event log entries no nothing. SAS just does not installed or event attempt to install after granting the SAS installer permission. OK......Odd. Before I downloaded and tried to install the pro version...because my keys are all pro version keys and it was a no go. So I figured why not try the free installer instead. Well now SAS is installed. the free version installer worked.
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