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  1. spyware spī′wâr n. Software that secretly gathers information about a person or organization. n. Any malicious software that is designed to take partial or full control of a computer's operation without the knowledge of its user. n. programs that surreptitiously monitor and report the actions of a computer user. By the very definition of Spyware from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Google and all of its wares are spyware in every respect. Yet you bundle their spyware browser Chrome, as an option in your installer. It just seems a bit contradictory to be doing business with a company that by all rights, should have all of its products in your spyware definition database. I get that they would just crush your company like an ant on the sidewalk if you were to take such a bold and pioneering measure, but knowledge is spreading of their invasive practices and a day is foreseeable when the public opinion will not be so strong for the likes of Google. A hard break will be needed for companies to maintain their reputations. Companies in the business of spyware removal will be questioned about why the public wasn't informed of this by them sooner and why some were, if fact, in bed with Google themselves. I'm sure that this will get taken down because that is just how things are dealt with anymore when someone has a controversial thought on the internet, but I just had to say it before I deleted your software after a good 10 years+ of what is a great program. However, I cannot stand with a business that bundles the very things that I use it to protect me from. It makes no sense.
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