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  1. It might be,i don't know.I sent logs everytime.You can get the information out of there.I uninstalled it the how much days i have left pleassse buy this i geet annoyed by it.I hope you find a fix.
  2. Well i launched the search as you recomended in safe mode but same thing happened it crashed have sent the information without an e-mail.
  3. Yes i do.We can't use your program like this,i will give a try and let you know what happened.
  4. ...worked.Guess you guys don't care at all or it is just that hard to find the bug that keeps the program crashin after a certain time while scaning.
  5. Yes i have the same issue since some update on windows 10 it crashes to me as well while on full system scan.
  6. Well.I just refistered here to to find a solution for the crashes this program makes.I stoped using it while i like the simplicity to it.I hope one day that the crash while scanning will be fixed.

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