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  1. my SAS premium alerts me that it has 'blocked' trojan.agent/gen-injector.process-2. (C:\windows\system32\svhost.exe). These alerts do not happened too often. When it does, the alerts repeat a number of times! As per SAS recommendations, I do a Complete Scan. I get Zero findings. Note: For some reason, near the end of my complete scan, my computer re-boots. However, when I choose to scan my computer (quick scan, or manual scan) SAS does a complete scan 'without' rebooting my computer. What is causes these alerts? Should I be concerned? UPDATE: today my alerts are happening frequently! I went into Safe Mode and using SAS, I did a complete scan of all my drives. There 10 adware findings, which I removed. Then I used Malwarebytes to perform a Threat scan on my C drive, there was zero findings. I rebooted my computer, and started getting SAS alerts that it has 'blocked' trojan.agent/gen-injector.process-2. (C:\windows\system32\svhost.exe). Same recommendations are asked, then after several minutes, my computer reboots. note: while SAS alerts pop up, my computer never fully loads all the drivers for some reason! this is not good at all. I will wait for some help, otherwise I will have to take my computer to a computer repair shop for help.
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