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  1. On 8/5/2010 at 10:27 PM, PDXer said:

    Great program.

    I'm considering purchasing 4 (2+2 licenses) SAS Pro.

    My question is will I be able to transfer any of these licenses to a new machine if the need arises, or will I be locked in and have to purchase another for the new computer?


    Yes, you are able to move your software to a new computer by installing it on that computer, and entering your registration code when prompted during the installation process. It is not locked to the first computer you activate it on.

  2. On 8/6/2010 at 8:12 AM, moley16121970 said:

    The major problem with the activation and registration system the authors of this product have in place is simple! IT IS A MASSIVE PROBLEM ALSO, IF THEY THOUGHT ABOUT IT THEN THEY REALLY DO NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY THE ACTIVATION SYSTEM IS DONE!

    The problem is:

    What do users do when they have say 4 or 5 activations on 1 key which they've bought and forget to transfer the registration, or maybe they cant because the hard drive died or they just re-installed and didn't think to transfer it!

    The activation system is flawed! Dont like it!


    If you try to activate on more computers than the license covers. It will drop the last activation off of the license.

  3. Yes, this is from the removal of cookies. Unfortunately it is not possible at this time to selectively whitelist cookies, Scanning for and removal of cookies can be disabled in the "Scan This Computer" menu found at the program's main menu.

  4. Hello, 

    For this I would reccomend a uninstall and fresh reinstallation 

    To uninstall, please view our updated handy guide: https://www.superantispyware.com/supportfaqdisplay.html?faq=47 

    You can download and install from the SUPERAntiSpyware Professional installer linked below: http://cdn.superantispyware.com/SUPERAntiSpywarePro.exe 

    During the installation process you will be prompted to re-enter your registration code. Let me know if you need me to retrieve your registration code.

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