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  1. Yeah I would reccomend closing all web browsers during the scanning process. If they are open it can cause issues causing scans to take a long time.
  2. I would try to disable the removal of cookies during the scan and see if it doesn't continue to occur after that.
  3. What is your version number of the software? It can be found at the bottom of the program's window.
  4. We are still working on this issue, thank you for your patience.
  5. I have a similar number of temp files as well. This is normal. You can continue to delete the temp folder as desired.
  6. Yes, this is from the removal of cookies. Unfortunately it is not possible at this time to selectively whitelist cookies, Scanning for and removal of cookies can be disabled in the "Scan This Computer" menu found at the program's main menu.
  7. The codes have been forwarded to the appropriate team, I will post back here when I know more.
  8. It should be deleting the ones that it doesn't need. There's no way to know just from looking at the files if they are required, or in use by the software.
  9. These are normal, and can be deleted periodically if you want.
  10. For people that are affected by this. Please send me a private message with your registration codes. Make sure it's a private message and not a regular thread reply.
  11. We have not forgotten about this issue. I will see if I can get an update from the team.
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