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    Hello to everyone here. I came here looking for an answer to a query and ended up joining the forum. I found the answer I was looking for too! Zena
  2. Interesting! If I click on "What's New in this Release" using the icon in the Notification Area, it still shows version 8.0.1034! Like you, I'm actually running version 8.0.1038. Very odd! Zena
  3. I had the same thing too, but not now. Yesterday, I updated to version 8.0.1038 and since then the 2nd pop-up shown in NotNull's post above no longer appears even after a reboot. The first pop-up shown appeared after I ran a Quick Scan, but there's now a tick box underneath the pop-up which gives the option to tick "Don't Show Me This Again". You get this option whether or not anything's been found. This is in the Free version and the update to the latest version gets rid of the irritation! So somebody took notice of the complaint and did something about it - thank you! No need to uninstall as far as I'm concerned. Zena
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