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  1. Here you go - now there are two separate ones. I ran a quick scan, just critical infection points, and when it finished the first pop up came. Took a shot and after I got it into mspaint the second pop up appeared without me doing anything else so I took a shot of that as well. Just used the PrintScreen key to take the shots and copied the popups out of that to their own png. Let me know if you need more - I'll be on and offline for a bit but I'll check for sure tomorrow after work (West Coast USA time).
  2. Upgraded to latest version yesterday, the pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen, the one that usually talks about a new version available, now has a second pop up that talks about Tech Fixes available. Not sure what other repro steps there are.
  3. Me too - in fact I created this account just to ask about this. I just updated and so far I've had this garbage show up twice. What is this junk? Can it be disabled at all? Or is it like the Update pop up and I have to click on it and visit some bs page? Is this wonderful program turning into spamware?
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