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    False Amazon emails

    A week ago I've received an email from Amazon telling me about some discounts available if I give some details of my payment card. I've nearly done so but I noticed that email address was not @amazon.com, but @amazon.gmail.com. So I started surfing and found wonderful article https://www.safetydetective.com/blog/what-is-phishing-and-how-to-protect-against-it/ telling me it was a kind of hacker attack. I'm really curious if SAS could protect me from all this ****.
  2. I just can't explain but after I've installed SAS, my internet turns off regularly. Provider says it's ok on his side. Could it be a kind of connection between network working and antivirus software?
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    Wow, I was planning to ask this question too - and here is the answer, thanks very much! I'll delete the old code from my first laptop and then start SAS in a new machine.
  4. Hi to everyone! I'm really glad to be a part of this community because I've just started using this program and I have sooo many questions! For example, how many trojans this software "kills" or how to change default settings in a right way to make program work better. Hope to find answers here!