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  1. Geoff, Thanks for the update. I just tried and the 15436 update from 4/8/2019 came in!
  2. KEL1

    What is Version 8.0.1038?

    I see that the website has now been changed. Thanks!
  3. Geoff, Thank you for the update.
  4. Any updates on when the definitions will be updating again?
  5. Today , April 10, 2019 , I was at Version 8.0.1034. I got a pop-up message that there was an update to the program. After applying the update the Version changed to 8.0.1038. However your website states that the newest version is 8.0.1036? So , what is 8.0.1038???? Thank you!
  6. I just got a note from SuperAntispyware. They had a severe winter storm and no on was able to get into the office. Hopefully they will be back soon.
  7. The last Database Version/Definition updates were on 2/22/2019 and were Version 15362, why have there been no more updates? I thought there were suppose to be at least 1 update per day. Otherwise , what is the point?