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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I just opened SAS and asked for the DB update and it worked. Now I am up to date at 15601. Look like someone was able to fix the issue.
  2. So I got myself to: SAS version 8.081040 Database Definitions: 15598 By doing the Manual update of the SAS version from the website. Then I got a reply from Customer support that asked me to run the Force Update tool and they sent me the link. I ran the tool and it set my Definitions back to 15595! Wow , now I am really confused. It shouldn't be so hard!
  3. I just did the exact same thing. Rather than wait for a notification, just like you I manually updated to version 8.0.1040(installation over the top) AND asked for database check. And just like you it only takes me to 15598 instead of the 15601 that is listed as available. Thanks for all your input. It helps !
  4. Based on your note I looked and my SAS version is still at 8.0.138. It looks like an update was posted yesterday, however , I have not been notified and can not update yet. I also , still can not get definition updates above 15595. Maybe when I get the notification to update to SAS 8.0.1040 , it will then allow definition updates. Maybe someone from SAS will let us know. Thanks for your comments.
  5. The last time Definition updates happened was 6/24/2019 15595. According to the website the newest is 6/25/2019 15600. Looks like no updates from 6/25/2019 are being allowed to post. I tried requesting updates and it tells me I am up to date with 15595. I also tried the Manual Definition update , but nothing updates. It stays at 15595.. What Am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help!
  6. Geoff, Thanks for the update. I just tried and the 15436 update from 4/8/2019 came in!
  7. I see that the website has now been changed. Thanks!
  8. Any updates on when the definitions will be updating again?
  9. Today , April 10, 2019 , I was at Version 8.0.1034. I got a pop-up message that there was an update to the program. After applying the update the Version changed to 8.0.1038. However your website states that the newest version is 8.0.1036? So , what is 8.0.1038???? Thank you!
  10. I just got a note from SuperAntispyware. They had a severe winter storm and no on was able to get into the office. Hopefully they will be back soon.
  11. The last Database Version/Definition updates were on 2/22/2019 and were Version 15362, why have there been no more updates? I thought there were suppose to be at least 1 update per day. Otherwise , what is the point?
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