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  1. Good day I could previously choose to install SAS on any directory on any internal secondary hard drive. i.e. version 6.0.1264 updated 09/11/2018 . But, today (11/07/2018) I checked for a new updated version on your website, and noticed that there is a new version, namely version Definition Database: Core: 15132 Trace: 12944 SAS Version: 8.0.1024 There was NO OPTION to install it over or update existing ver. 6 to ver. 8 on the secondary hard drive directory i.e. D:\********\Applications\SuperAntiSpyware If I check the Product Release History via the SAS software, it views the above mentioned 09/11/2018 release ver. 6.0.1264 ?? My C:\ drive is an SSD and only use installations of Windows Microsoft products and high-end applications i.e. Photoshop & LightRoom and others that use a lot of memory and hard drive space. I NEED TO INSTALL IT ON MY SECONDARY HARD DRIVE! Kindest Regards
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