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  1. Another question. Should I expect the above problem next time SuperAntiSpyware attempts to update itself?
  2. Thank you very much, the Safe Mode installation worked and SuperAntiSpyware is again running on the computer. However, I am curious about why this worked. Safe Mode runs without several of the hardware drivers running. I assume that one or more of those drivers conflicted with the software installation. It doesn't make sense to me that a hardware driver would interfere with software. Can you explain why that happened?
  3. With no answers (so far), I noticed that there is a "portable" installer. I downloaded it and ran it and I got the same error ... "Error creating shortcuts ...". That didn't work!
  4. SUPERsupport is absolutely correct that the popup will go away, and you'd be doing yourself a favor if you do click the "Update Now" box. The update should take only a couple of seconds and you will not see that popup again until the next update is available ... maybe weeks, maybe months. But this is one of those annoying popups that are actually beneficial, so you should take the 2 seconds to click the box and then get rid of the box. Don't hate this box, tolerate it. It's good for you. It's good for your computer.
  5. I found two other similar posts from several years ago ... neither seems to give a solution. I had a problem updating my SuperAntiSpyware application, getting the error message above. I uninstalled Super, and attempted to reinstall it. Same error. I then deleted SuperAntiSpyware from the ProgramFiles Directory and attempted install. Same Problem. I then deleted AntiSuperSpyware from the User AppData Roaming file, used CCleaner to clean my registry, and attempted install. The result? "Error creating shortcuts, aborting installation". Windows 10 Home Build 16299.309, Dell Inspiron 3847, i3-4170, 8 GB RAM
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