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  1. When I click on "Help & Information" and then "Allow through Windows Firewall", I get a message that says "SUPERAntiSpyWare allowed through windows firewall". The response has changed a little: if I keep trying, it will eventually go thru. The periodic database update seemed to go thru alright at 5:00AM. Thanks
  2. Sorry, I'm responding to 2 forums at once and got my messages crossed.
  3. I don't see what you are describing. The screen that opens for me says "Activate License", "Activate Premium Trial", "Upgrade Now" across the top and "Dashboard", "Scan", "Quarantine", "Reports", & "Settings" down the left hand side.
  4. Something wiped out my desktop links for SASW and Malwarebytes. It also cleared my exception list in Windows Firewall. I reinstalled the two programs and repaired the exception list in the Firewall and restarted the computer. When I ask the main SASW dash board to check for updates, I get an error message saying SASW couldn't reach the Internet; check my Firewall. The SASW program is listed in the Firewall list (along with everything else) and if I go to "Preferences" and check for updates there, I get no error but I also get no confirmation message saying that everything is up to date. All the other programs are accessing the Internet just fine. What should I look for? Thanks
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