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  1. Well it says its in a folder and its not there. I have nothing hidden in Folder Options. When I do a search its not there. Guess what. Its probably not there! Or this is some mysterious conspiracy destined to baffle the most brilliant minds. See screenshot. I did a scan, did what it recommended and restarted the computer then scanned again without a browser launching to get this. Forgot to mention in the original post that there is nothing online on rogue.ieantivirus. There is plenty on rogue.antivirus but not this. Hence my post here. BTW, is there any way of getting this forum to not implement 1.5 spacing when hitting the enter key?
  2. When I scan my drives SAS keeps on detecting something called rogue.ieantivirus but there's nothing like that in the folder it says its in. Actually there's only 1 folder in that folder and this thing isn't there. I've scanned several times. It keeps on saying its going to clean it out, and needs to restart which it does, and on the next scan there it is again. Anybody else experiencing this? Other AV scans don't detect this mysterious file. My computer has been acting very strange not resolving DNS addresses among other things. Something may be blocking C:\Windows\explorer.exe as it doesn't start when the computer starts. I have to start it using Task Manager, File, Open then things look normal.
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