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  1. Hi, I ran the fixlist, thanks. I run windows 8 build 9200. Is it possible for farbar to say publisher unknown on windows 8 too? It isn't a virus causing that? Is it normal behavior of super anti spyware to tell you its scanning directories and files that don't exist? Also, when I boot my computer desktop.ini opens when I get to the desktop. Thanks again! =)
  2. Hi, I overlayed the picture myself with paint. It was to show you the different scans that superantispyware went through. Is this normal behavior of super anti spyware to tell you its scanning directories and files that don't exist? I could give you full screenshots if you don't believe me that superantispyware went through those scans. Also, is frst supposed to be publisher unknown? What happens when you try to run it as administrator? Does it give a valid certificate? I saw that google was mentioned, why would I have google on my computer when I don't have anything with Google installed? I'll try the fix tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far! =)
  3. This is an offline only computer. I dont remember downloading any of these malware. I have run antivirus & super anti spyware and they find nothing. When I placed frst onto the desktop & ran it, it said that publisher was unknown. I'm not sure if its supposed to say publisher unknown. I have attached files to this post. My documents when I go to it, it has two my music, my pictures & my videos if I go to the directory in paint. If I go to the directory in explorer, it says permission denied to go to the folders. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Hi, when I scan with superantispyware, it comes up with directories and files on the scanner that say that they exist, and if I search them up on google they are malware, but they don't exist when I go to the directory on my computer. Am I infected with malware? Superantispyware says my system is clean on completion of a scan. My malware definition update is 13379, and superantispyware version is 6.0.1236. Here are some examples: (x86) s-1-5-20\software\zango C:/program files(x86)/newdotnet (x86) wav6com.av office protect (x86) software/Microsoft/windows/current version/uninstall/Alert Spy C:/program files(x86) / spy heal C:windows/ocenuxos.bin (x86) interface/EE836B19-1991-4951-918D-479DB2F0B693} C:/users/my-username/appdata/roaming/Microsoft/windows/startmenu/programs/unigray antivirus C:/program files (x86) / anti spy check 2.3 (x86) s-1-5-18 /software/total secure 2009 (x86) s-1-5-18/ software/GAV C:/users/my-username/startmenu/programs/antivirus plasma C:/users/my-username/appdata/roaming/ microsoft/IE/ quick launch/ virus trigger 2.1.link These all don't appear on my system when I go to the locations. I think (x86) is hkey/local machine? But I'm not sure. Also, when I ran system investigator, it came up with sscprot.DLL and with an invalid signature. It also came up with 5mxxxzbr.dll in my %temp% folder. Thanks for reading! I hope that you get back to me soon =)
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