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  1. Hi!, Im trying to install latest version after uninstalling the previous one. When i try to select the destination folder and i click the browse button, the browser windows comes up, but i can only see and choose the Desktop and the User Folder, no one of my drives are showed, and i dont know why. Probably is not a SAS problem but mine, but i dont know the reason, my user has administrator rights. Any idea? Has someone reported something similar? can i be infected and something is blockin' SAS installation? Any help would be apreciated.
  2. Can you please add the SHA256 to the download page of your product?? I think its a very good idea being your product security related. I want to be sure that the file i download its the original and not a falsification. I think that is needed cause your website its not secured with https. The thing is that im running OPSWAT Metadefender Client right now, cause i think my PC can be compromised, and it shows that SASCORE64.exe is detected as a threat by the Xvirus Engine, and the only thing i got to decide if it is or not, is the SHA256 of SASCORE64.exe, (CB22723678B514277BC6E6DDDD206F3B2377CD889C9D473A47A7056BE597BC6B), but i got no way to know the real SHA256 of your file, so i thought to reinstall your product, but cannot be sure to download the good one, cause i can be infected and there is no SHA256 of the installation file of SUPERAntispyware, so if you add it, we all could download SAS more safely. Thanks for your time.
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