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  1. Okay thank you very much for all of your effort to help me... it's really appreciated more than you know.
  2. I re-ran FRST Fix about 4 hours ago, it's still running and still on deleting temporary files again. see attached for the Fixlog file: Fixlog.txt
  3. FRST stopped responding. I knew it was too long as I regularly delete my temp files with CC Cleaner so I didn't think it could be possile but wanted to give it a shot. Here's the files I have in the FRST folder... Let me know if I should move any to try running it again: Fixlist Fixlog FRST FRST64 (the application) FRST Results (from the other morning... I am thinking about moving this to another folder and trying again before I head back to bed for a few hours)
  4. I have an external hard drive... haven't backed it up in quite a while
  5. A back up image of what? Do you mean of what FRST is doing? i tried to attached one that I took with my mobile but the file is too big to attach
  6. Ok I just got back and it's still running which I assume is not a good thing? It says deleting temporary files
  7. It's still running... I think the Alvira AV got in the way because it was quarantining files. I am now uninstalling the AV and rerunning FRST. Im heading out for a few hours and will see the results when I get back.
  8. It's an application and I can't figure out out where it's saved on my computer but doesn't appear to be in a folder
  9. Sorry for the delayed response, I was in an all day meeting yesterday and couldn't deal with this bleeping computer last night. I did a search for the FRST folder and while I see 3 items which include the 2 docs I included above and saved off to a separate file in my documents, there is one that says FRST64 - I can't figure out how to save this list (which I copied to notepad) in FRST. I have been trying to figure this out fo 30 minutes. bottom line... how do I find the FRST folder to save this notepad file to?
  10. Hi Again, I installed Avira Free AV because it was the only option I saw at first glance (didn't see addl. choices until after I installed AV). Now that it's downloaded what am I to do with it? Sorry, haven't had coffee yet so may be missing something here. Edit: I found the system speed up/clean up option (or whatever it's called), downloaded and ran it. Cleaned up what it said to. Not really sure that it did anything. Was there something specific that you wanted me to do with Avira Free?
  11. Hi, I'm sorry I couldn't respond sooner, yesterday was a bit hectic here. I ran Farber last night (thank you) and have attached the FRST results and notepad result files. FRST results.txt FRST Notepad.txt
  12. Services Tab- Ok let's try this- I HID all Microsoft services so the list is much shorter- these are All checked: SAS Core Adobe Active File Monitor Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Flashplayer update service adobe update service apple mobile device service backup service Bonjour service BrYNSvc Brother Google Update Service (gupdate) Google Update Service (gupdatem) HP SupportSolutions framework service iPod Service Intel Management and Security Application mgmt services NalPeiron Licensing Service Adobe Switchboard Intel Management and Security Application User Notification Service
  13. Services has ALOT more and they are all checked... if you don't see anything odd on start up list I will type them out but will take some time. Let me know and Thank You!
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