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  1. Appreciate the input, 1hr 49 mins later, a full scan, with no crashes (and nothing found either, which is good). Was it slower than the rest because those things were turned off? and is there a work around? as I wanted to setup a schedule, but if I do with the options it, it will crash on that drive, or if it's off I'm guessing my scan will take a lot long to do all my drives?
  2. OK, so I've got a weird one here. I have one drive that is dedicated to my Steam Games, nothing else, so anything that is installed in there has been brought down by the steam client, etc. I've been doing a custom scan, and going through my drives. All of them scan and get to the end with no issues and allow me to deal with PUP's, etc. But, my G Drive (Steam Install Files) it's about 1-2 minutes into the scan (so I'm guessing early on in the file hierarchy) and SAS just quits, with no error (like I've end task'd it or something) and the icon in the systray goes when I mouse over it. The first time it did it, when SAS re-opened, I got an option to send a 'bug report', I'm just wondering if there is something or somewhere I should be looking out for, anything in the logs that should/would stand out, so I can try to pin point why it's doing it? Thanks in Advance.
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