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  1. We are on a company network and functionality of Security Manager is controlled centrally by the server and managed by our network administrator. Having them change the settings to accommodate SAS is not something that I am able to ask them to do.
  2. I have several single license users on several computers. After using SAS with the default settings for several years without issues, about 1 week ago i noticed on my own pc that around the 80% point of the complete scan the program would freeze. I would need to close the program using task manager and restart it. Then i found the same thing happening on other computers at my office. In researching this online I found the suggestion that unchecking the "follow shortcuts..." option in advanced scan settings resolved the problem. I also found that running a scan in Windows Safe Mode also worked, and seemed to resolve the problem and I was able to scan using the default settings employed. However, that fix only lasted about a week and then it would start to freeze again. I easily found the suggestion on the corrective action to uncheck "follow shortcuts.." but I would l would appreciate an explanation from someone as to what is going on and was this triggered by a recent program update. Most importantly does unchecking that option lessen the effectiveness of the SAS program.
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