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  1. Running the latest SAS. After the last Windows update,SAS seems to get stuck on the c\windows folder. It scanned for an hour and a half and would not stop scanning the C\Windows folder. Should I try reinstalling? Thanks.
  2. HBOY

    Scans Forever

    Thanks so much, that took care of it.
  3. HBOY

    Scans Forever

    Could you please walk me through that process. I cannot seem to find where the exclude list is at, and exactly what did you enter in that list. Thanks.
  4. HBOY

    Scans Forever

    Exact same thing, cannot close it out once it hangs up. I have to open task manager to close it. Since this is a known problem I hope they fix it soon.
  5. HBOY

    Scans Forever

    Thanks but that didnt help, it hung up on something else. I cannot use it like this. I hope they get it fixed soon
  6. I have used SAS for years and have had no problems. Today I have tried to do a full scan and it stalls forever on certain files. It was running 2 hours and I finally stopped it. I uninstalled and then reinstalled it is right now at an hour and has been on the same file for twenty minutes. It scans the memory and registry fine, its the files thats causing the trouble. First post so I dont know what files or logs to post. Thanks.
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