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  1. Trying. But is required an "order Number" linked to a purchase. But I am using a free version and I have no "order number"... Don't knoe what to do
  2. Just done. I launch it and nothing happens
  3. I have done it already. And results are described above. Anyway I am downloading again to retry. Windows Vista
  4. Tx a lot. Unfortunately I am using a free versione of your software. Am I obliged to step to the PRO to be able to use the new database definition? ANyway.: I have downloaded the new free version of the program (.exe), but launching the file nothing happens. I mean: it looks more like a technical problem (not related to the kind of license).... ...mumble mumble
  5. Working on it. The dwnload was successfull but once I clicked on "Continue" button, and launched SAS, the database does not seem to be updated (see 2 images in the attachment). prtscr SAS forced.doc
  6. same problem here . double click but nothing happens
  7. I have downloaded the new database definition.here https://www.superantispyware.com/definitions.html ; once downloaded SASDEFINITIONS.EXE I doubleclicked on the file to launch it (in order to selfinstall the new data base definition) . But when i doubleclick nothing happens (the same problem if I try to install the new version of SAS using the file SUPERAntiSpyware.exe; nothing happens). And the database version running with SAS remains the old one So I have tried the manual installation: Followed the instsructions provided at the bottom of the page ( Saved the file on my desktop. Doubleclicked on it. Restarted SAS.) But the database version running with SAS remains the old one. Can somebody help me?
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