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  1. I have reinstalled Windows Vista again by reformatting the drive and reinstalling the operating system to the Hard Drive. I have now updated Windows Vista with the latest updates available , and have downloaded the latest Version of SuperAntispyware, and when I click on the Icon to Install SuperAntiSpyware nothing happens at all....I am able to Install other programs without a problem though.
  2. Hi GuiltySpark, No there is not a bug icon in the task bar at all....The Installation file wouldn't start at all after double clicking on the installation file....I checked Programs and features as well and SuperAntispyware doesn't show up in Programs and Features either.....
  3. I have just reinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit operating system on my laptop , and I have downloaded the latest version of SuperAntiSpyware.....When I click on the icon to install SuperAntispyware, nothing happens at all, and I can't install SuperAntispyware. I have tried to run the program as Administrator, and still nothing happens when trying to run the program as an Administrator....I have also tried rebooting, and still not able install SuperAntispyware at all....When I try to Install in SafeMode, I still get the same result, nothing happens when I click on SuperAntispyware icon on my desktop...Could someone please help with this?
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