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  1. That put Kali to shame. Never knew this existed, very impressed.
  2. Kali has many forensics tools built in If you don't want to install it on your computer hard drive, you could always make a live USB. http://docs.kali.org/downloading/kali-linux-live-usb-install Forensics Tools Binwalk bulk-extractor Capstone chntpw Cuckoo dc3dd ddrescue DFF diStorm3 Dumpzilla extundelete Foremost Galleta Guymager iPhone Backup Analyzer p0f pdf-parser pdfid pdgmail peepdf RegRipper Volatility Xplico Not that I am trying to persuade you to try it or anything
  3. Mmm Must be going on a good year or so now. Why? Do you use it too? I had a little experience with Kali when it was called Backtrack but had no idea what I was doing.
  4. Hmm odd, I'm sure I answered that! Yeah, it is mine, I shouldn't have done it. I set it up because getting seen let alone selling anything on Fiverr without past reviews is almost impossible for new members. I do realise it's shady though, and I have removed it. No I don't use loic.
  5. I'd prefer not to tell. I can prove it works though if you would like to give me your IP? What do you think of the website now? I hope that wasn't you hitting my website I haven't got DDOS Protection set up yet!
  6. Thanks for being Honest Guilty, Lolyousilly.com was a mess around site I had for a while. Tried different themes and formats, even had some dancing skeletons once Yes I am Oxford Educated. The DDOS Is not executed via local shell or via kali. Will remove spinning dice I find it calming. But I understand that doesn't apply to everyone. Sure, good idea. Will add some more content, I wanted to keep this site acting like more of a 'portal' to my Fiverr Service than a full themed website. But yes having some keywords for google to find is never a bad idea! Mralpaca is just my Fiverr name, not great I know, but I was on a long car journey when I created the account. Yes I'm aware of 'Mralpca' Typo lol. Thanks again for the feedback. Feel free to keep adding more if you see me do something silly to the site!
  7. Hey Guilty! I'd like your opinion about my website If you don't mind. Http://Pcadvice.esy.es . I decided a free PC advice forum is not the right for me to go, I'd also like to earn a little money from the few skills I have, so I made a website based on my Fiverr.com services (Freelance website) What do you think of it (Honestly, ) any improvements you can suggest? Cheers, One
  8. I think I am going to have a long break from the website, at the moment it's lying idle with the default themes. Might find idea's easier to come by when I get back to it.
  9. That's a fantastic site you have there. I am signing up Haha, think I have to agree with you on the name change, good call! (Not that it's a bad name but I'd be expecting something other than a computer site to pop up!) I never used too, but I have been finding myself using it far more recently! (Because it suggests videos based on the likes) Hmm, yeah. Maybe you're right about the rating system. Might leave that out.
  10. Hey Guilty, Yeah, I'm proceeding with this as more of a hobby than a real buisiness. You're defiantly right about gimmicks, I will have to do a bit of brain storming for one of my own!I guess there are websites out there that review for free? I will look into that. Some great advice - thank you! I Was thinking maybe a 'Tutorial Rating' for the quality of the tutorial written. But that does bring a risk of people just down voting it to be spiteful, especially at the beginning when one vote would be a lot of influence on the result.
  11. Hey all. Just a little background info: I have been running a small website for a couple of months, and saw very little activity. I offered free computer advice and fixes etc. I also wrote a few tutorials on how to fix virus, software, and hardware related issues etc. Also a few other random articles related to computers. No one really seemed interested in the site unfortunately, so I removed it. I really would like to set up a free service for people, but it never seems to take off. I have started another site, with a similar theme but am lost as what to post on it, or whether it's even worth the effort. No one found the old site, no one seemed interested in the fix's posted there. This is probably because of all the over well known computer support sites that already exist drawing traffic etc. So onto the point of this post. I was wondering if I could ask what this community might like to see from a site such as this? Would you like A remote support service? A forum? No forum just one page with a list of tutorials? Both? And lastly and most importantly, is it even worth setting a website like this up? Any thoughts or ideas posted are welcome, and much appreciated! Cheers , Owl.
  12. Hey, easy on the sarcasm.
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