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  1. Sadly it did not work. Made a new account on my PC, swapped over to it, downloaded SAS, and it gave the same error. I really don't want to have to wipe my entire PC, just to get a scan done.
  2. The 2 .txt files it provided. attach.txt dds.txt
  3. Nope. Just told me to try a different version, uninstall or try again. Tried all versions and uninstalled with both 32 and 64 to make sure.
  4. I've done this as well. Sorry forgot to mention it. I've run the uninstaller, both variants. Like, do I need to buy a license to use this now on Windows 10? Does the free one not support it or something?
  5. I put in a ticket, with this same explanation. They just told me to keep trying. Talk about dedicated support staff...
  6. So, I used SaS for a long time on my same pc when it was Windows 7. Now, when I try to install it, I keep getting this nasty little error called "Error creating shortcut. Aborting Installation." I've looked around, and I can find absolutely nothing online about it, and I contacted support, and they failed to help me. I'm now down to my last resort, and using the forums for assistance. I have tried the Online scan, safe run scan, mobile scan, the normal download for it AND the UVK download for it. All come back with the same error. My account is Administrator, and has full privilege and usage on this PC. Here is what the error looks like currently. Remember, I've used the Online Scanner, Safe Run Scanner, Mobile Scanner, the Normal Free download scanner and the UVK download. All come back with this same error, and I have full privilege and admin rights on my PC.
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