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    eSQ1zrkb malware

    Thank you very much for your help!
  2. mfreddy

    eSQ1zrkb malware

    sorry for the delay, multiple things going on. Fixlog.txt
  3. mfreddy

    eSQ1zrkb malware

    Here are the results. FRST.txtscan1.txt
  4. mfreddy

    eSQ1zrkb malware

    Please remove my duplicate post
  5. mfreddy

    eSQ1zrkb malware

    I have eset running now. Superantispyware doesn't pick it up but I can remove it from my downloads folder. My first instance of this was August 20th and I've run ESET since then so I don't think it's going to pick it up either
  6. Does anyone know what eSQ1zrkb download is? It keeps going into my downloads folder when I am on my yahoo mail, which is most of the day when I'm in the office. I don't think the program has run, just keeps placing itself in my downloads folder.