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    MPC Cleaner removal

    Hey guys, I was able to remove the offending files using Malwarebytes Anti-malware. thnx!
  2. Mataichi

    MPC Cleaner removal

    No joy on this attempt. SAS behaved as if the process worked but the MPC directory will not uninstall/delete.
  3. Mataichi

    MPC Cleaner removal

    Ok this should work!
  4. Mataichi

    MPC Cleaner removal

    SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log - 08-31-2016 - 17-43-36 It's still telling me that I'm not allowed to attach that type of file, which is just a .txt file.
  5. I picked this bugger up today MPC Cleaner and it's proven a beast to get rid of. SAS sees it and attempts to remove it but fails to do so. Even after a system reboot. How can I get rid of this guy? Thank you! I'm having some difficulty attaching the log file. Is it ok to paste the log file info into the post?