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  1. I got the error that SAS is unable to save the scheduled task. I was told by SAS to re-install it. Didn't fix. I found and fixed the problem. The cause for the error is that there is too many tasks listed in the Windows 10 task manager. You should only see 2 task times listed in Windows 10 task manager - Update, and Scan. If there is more than these two or there is a conflict, you get the no SAVE error. To fix it, right-click the Menu icon, select Computer Management. under System Tools, select Task Scheduler. Under Active Tasks, see the SAS tasks shown. (should only see 2 listed) If there is more, delete them. You should delete these tasks by double clicking on the task in the Computer Management, select TRIGGER, and delete it. In fact, you can delete all SAS tasks and re-create the tasks when you re-open SAS .30SAS.pdf
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