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  1. I ran HerdProtect and it found a bunch of stuff, but Exploit:Java/CVE-2010-0840 was not among them. Just running it a second time doing the cloud thing. I'm quite pleased with it. So many of these things find 4000 files, remove 200, then require you to purchase them to get the rest. That's what I call blackmailware.
  2. I've had this for quite some time and updated SUPERAntiSpyware frequently.
  3. I have been struggling with this virus for many months. What it seems to do is slow my computer down. TrojanDownloader:Java/OpenConnection.OU Exploit:Java/CVE-2010-0840 I'm running Windows 7. When I run a MSE full scan it finds it, but always fails to remove it. It just hangs about 3/4 of the way through the process. But SUPERAntiSpyware does not even find it. Why is that?
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