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  1. /quick starts a quick scan /complete starts a complete scan, if /quick is also specified, a complete scan will be executed (complete > quick). /silent – this modifier will hide the UI, auto-remove critical threats (cookies/malware, not pups/adware) and terminate the application. If no scan type is specified, a quick scan is assumed – you can’t have the tech edition with no UI and no scan, as it will just sit there doing nothing with no way to close it. Also to note; there is absolutely no feedback with this to indicate the scan is complete; if the /scanlog option is specified, the creation of the log would be a possible indicator, otherwise, the only way to know is if the SUPERAntiSpyware application is no longer running (program.com or program64.com). /scanlog – this modifier will create “SUPERAntiSpyware_Scan.XML” in the system temp folder (%temp%) after the scan is complete. It is a pseudo-XML version of our scan log that could be parsed by a 3rd party. /clean – this modifier will auto-clean detected threats (cookies/malware, not pups/adware). This is only needed if /silent isn’t specified. /techupdate – this will initiate a definition update in the tech edition launcher (requires a saved tech ID or one specified on the command line). /techid=”tech id” – This allows the customer to specify their tech ID on the command line so they can initiate the definition update if they don’t have a previously saved tech ID. I prefer to launch the portable app with these flags: /techupdate /techid="<purchase this>" /complete /scanlog /silent
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